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Olson Comfort installs and services programmable and smart thermostats. Call us today to get your estimate!

Set your home comfort systems from the comfort of your couch with mobile applications!

We carry the Armstrong Air Comfort Sync, Ecobee 3-Lite and 4, & Honeywell FocusPro 5000

Armstrong Air Comfort Sync

Enjoy sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings with a Comfort Sync thermostat. It’s the best way to get the most out of every part of your Armstrong Air system.

Remote Access extends control to anywhere.

The Comfort Sync thermostat puts advanced temperature monitoring and adjustment in your hands, no matter where you may be. Check and change the temperature in your home or set your system into an energy-saving Away Mode using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device. So you’ll always come home to the perfect temperature.

Check on your home comfort from anywhere with a smart thermostat from Ecobee or Comfort Sync!

Enjoy faster, more responsive service

Another incredible feature gives Comfort Sync the ability to email you and your dealer when routine maintenance or service needs to be performed.

This gives you the added peace of mind that your system will be operating precisely as soon as possible. Each service alert and reminder is customizable for various time increments, depending on system requirements, so you remain in control.

Start saving on home energy with a Comfort Sync thermostat.

Tailored performance for every room.

Comfort Sync Zoning divides your house into two, three or four different areas, or “zones,” and redirects heating and cooling to those zones as needed. So you can keep temperatures right where you want them, without wasting energy on little-used areas.

  • One-Touch Away Mode
    Puts your system into an enhanced energy-saving mode when you leave.
  • Weather Data
    Using its connection to your wireless network, Comfort Sync can display a five-day forecast and live weather alerts.

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Armstrong Air Comfort Sync

Ecobee 3 Lite

Ecobee 3 Lite

Bring home ecobee3 lite and save an average of 23% annually on your heating and cooling costs.

Enjoy total home comfort control with a smart thermostat.

Effortless control at your fingertips.

Adjust temperature and comfort settings easily from your Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch.

Free energy reports give you insights on how much you’ve saved based on run times and offer tips for further savings.

Engineered for energy savings. Designed for you.

Uses local weather and your system to take the least amount of time to cool or heat your home.

Vacation mode keeps energy use low and easy to adjust while you enjoy some much deserved time away.

Alerts and reminders offer peace of mind. ecobee notifies you right away if it senses something isn’t working.

Honeywell FocusPro 5000
Non-Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell FocusPro 5000

The FocusPRO® 5000 Non-Programmable Thermostat can be configured for up to two heating and cooling conventional systems and heat pump. The backlit digital display is easier to read in various lighting conditions. Seasonal battery replacement couldn’t be any easier — just use the flip-out door.

  • Soft key controls
  • Display size options (large or standard screen size)
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional installation

Large Backlit Display
Easy to read, even in dimly lit rooms and hallways

Easy-Access Battery Replacement
No need to remove or disassemble thermostat. Flip-out door offers easy access to battery.

Ecobee 4

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

Be comfortable in the rooms that matter.

Most thermostats only read the temperature in one place (usually the hallway) which can make other rooms uncomfortable. ecobee4 comes with a room sensor to help manage hot or cold spots.

When you place sensors in your favorite rooms, ecobee4 can read the temperature and detect occupancy. That's how it ensures comfort in the rooms that matter

Keep your homer as comfortable as you want it with a smart thermostat from Armstrong Air or ecobee!

Comes with Amazon Alexa Voice Service built inside.

With Amazon Alexa Voice Service built inside, ecobee4 can perform the many 'skills' that come with Alexa. All you have to do is ask, and watch the blue light pipe on top of the thermostat blink in response. For total hands-free control, it can even hear you from across the room.

Not at your thermostat? No problem.

Comfort on the go
Adjust temperature and comfort settings easily from the ecobee mobile app on your Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch.

Knows you have a life
Vacationing and forgot to let your ecobee know? Make a vacation event using the ecobee mobile app. If something’s wrong with your equipment, we can send you service alerts and reminders.

Control the speaker and microphone
Use the app to lower your volume, or enable Privacy Mode (microphone off) if you want to give Alexa a breather.

Control your home comfort with a smart thermostat! Reduce heating or cooling when you're not home and save more!