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Ductless A/C and heating systems use a pair of indoor and outdoor units to warm or cool specific areas of your home.

These energy-efficient units are easy to install and offer a flexible, low-cost solution for zoned heating and cooling. Best of all, there’s no ductwork needed.

Single Zone Ductless

Single-Zone Ductless systems control the temperature in one area of your home by connecting one outdoor unit to one indoor unit.

Multi Zone Ductless

Multi-Zone Ductless systems control the temperature in multiple rooms or your entire home by connecting one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units.

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Ductless mini split systems are incredibly efficient and reliable heating and cooling systems! Call Olson to learn more!

Flexible Heating and Cooling
Why choose a ductless HVAC system?

Ductless systems deliver efficient heating and cooling with lots of flexibility. They can provide whole-home comfort in buildings that don’t have central HVAC systems—or offer single-zone climate control for small additions that aren’t connected to existing ductwork. As an added bonus, ductless AC and heating allow you to adjust the temperature from room to room.

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Single-Zone Ductless Systems

Ductless systems allow for flexibility. A single-zone (also called a mini-split) ductless system allows you to control the temperature of one room by connecting an outdoor unit to an indoor unit, with no ductwork needed.

An outdoor mini-split unit is placed outside your home and is connected to an indoor mini-split unit by small cables and a refrigerant line through a hole in the wall.

Ductless mini split systems allow you to cool individual rooms with precise zoning technology!
Stop wasting energy cooling or heating rooms that you're not in! Start saving today with a new mini split system!

Multi-Zone Ductless Systems

A multi-zone (also called a multi-split) ductless system connects an outdoor unit to a one or more indoor units, letting you control the temperature in several different zones of your home.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are a type of multi-zone ductless systems. VRF systems are energy efficient, and they can be used to heat one zone while cooling a different zone at the same time.